How Marketing Operations Powers the Customer Experience

Posted by Alex Nejako

Sep 28, 2012 1:41:00 PM


The Customer experience (CX) is the sum of all experiences a customer has with your company. It’s every potential engagement across marketing, sales and customer service. CMO’s are increasingly responsible for managing “great customer experiences” both online and offline. But, in a large distributed enterprise, this is nothing short of a challenge.

It’s easy for organizations to become myopically focused on one or a few emerging channels. In fact, many of the organizations we work with struggle to support a scalable infrastructure for digital engagement. As a result, organizations adopt dozens of disparate point solutions to impact the customer experience on the web, mobile, social media, tablets, etc.

On the one hand, this strategy exposes the brand to a variety of new customer touch points that do, in fact, impact the customer experience. But there’s a problem. Disparate solutions lead to disparate messaging – which actually results in poor customer experiences. And that’s where a stronger marketing operations solution can actually help.

Marketing Operations is comprised of the back-office infrastructure that manages the planning, production and creation of multi-channel content through your people, process and technology. One of the most common challenges we see with respect to the customer experience is fragmentation of message execution. Sure, it’s a multi-channel approach, and campaigns are being executed across multiple channels, but it’s not orchestrated into a larger customer experience.

For example, campaigns might be executed over mobile with branding that is inconsistent with email campaigns. Or, the direct mail campaign accidentally uses a different logo than the email marketing campaign. Marketing Operations is the most commonly overlooked area for powering a world-class customer experience. It’s not flashy, it’s not an emerging channel, and it doesn’t facilitate the customer experience at the point of contact with the customer, therefore it’s not the first place CMOs turn to meet exceedingly high expectations for top-line growth.

But, the processes, the structure and the technologies that make up a strong marketing operations infrastructure are EXACTLY how leading organizations ensure the creative and messaging that goes through demand channels is consistent, reinforcing and agile. What if you could better store and access content creation and then re-use that content across a variety of channels, both online and offline? That’s exactly how Marketing Operations should support your organization, and that’s why marketing operations actually helps power a world-class customer experience.

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